Don’t Face an Audit Alone

When dealing with the IRS, it’s always helpful to have an experienced tax attorney on your side. An attorney offers certain services that CPA’s and others cannot. Thanks to attorney-client privilege, Ross Greenberg of the Greenberg Law Group, P.A. is proud to offer a safe and secure environment to discuss important issues like an IRS audit.

Most people are able to avoid an audit after filing their taxes every year. However, an unlucky few do have to sit back as the IRS takes a closer look at their finances. In that situation, it helps to have an experienced tax attorney working on your case. When it comes to dealing with the IRS, being organized in your approach is key. A lawyer will know exactly what financial documents and important information you need for your case. Our extensive education and cross-disciplinary training allow us to perform a comprehensive examination of your entire tax situation and identify the best way to resolve your tax problems.

Ross Greenberg is a Former IRS Tax Attorney that was trained by the IRS so he understands the positions that the IRS will take. The staff are trained negotiators that present your case to the tax authorities in the most advantageous manner possible. The strategic manner in which your tax case is presented to the tax authorities may be crucial to successful resolution. Our education and experience have resulted in expert negotiating skills that we put to work when dealing with the tax authorities on your behalf. We construct a central theory behind your tax issue and present your case persuasively utilizing only the most relevant facts. This strategic approach offers our clients a clear advantage when resolving their tax problems.