Employee Independent Contractor Status

Not everyone in Fort Lauderdale is an expert when it comes to filing their taxes. But the more you know about your employment status, the easier it is dealing with the IRS. Determining whether you’re an independent contractor or an employee can make a huge difference in how much you owe the IRS. Occupations such as doctors, lawyers and accountants all provide a service to the public. But not everyone in these professions files their taxes the same way.

An independent contractor is someone who owns or controls all operations of their business. People who fall under this category are subject to Self-Employment Tax. Those who file as independent contractors will save money. You don’t have to worry about payroll taxes, Social Security, Medicare as well as federal and state unemployment taxes. However, employees are subject to FICA and withheld tax income.

The fact is the IRS would prefer if more people were employees rather than independent contractors. Nearly 60 percent of taxes collected come from employment taxes. More independent contractors mean less tax revenue for Uncle Sam. If you’re the subject of an audit, there’s a possibility the IRS may dispute whether you are an independent contractor. If you’re dealing with this conflict, it’s important to have a qualified tax attorney on your side.

Ross Greenberg has extensive knowledge and experience of how the IRS operates when it comes to handling these disputes. As a former IRS tax attorney, he understands the intricacies of tax law and is dedicated to looking out for the best interest of his clients. Dealing with the IRS can sometimes be an intimidating experience. The IRS is only concerned about receiving tax money they are owed. But it is also the right of all clients to be treated fairly. If your rights as an independent contractor are being infringed, don’t try to battle the IRS alone. Greenberg Law Group P.A. can make sure your rights are protected.