Liens and Levies

When someone fails to pay their income taxes, the IRS may claim the person’s property as payment. This practice is known as a tax lien. Tax liens can be placed on any asset, including homes, cars, bank accounts and much more. The IRS usually sells what they seize in order to cover the person’s tax debts. It’s obviously important to have an experienced tax lien attorney on your side when dealing with the IRS. An experienced lawyer knows that while the IRS may want payment for all your back taxes, it is possible to come to an agreement where a tax lien can be removed.

Tax levies are similar to liens in that the IRS is able to seize your property but they are easier to combat than a tax lien. If the IRS notifies you of either, it’s important to contact Greenberg Law Group, P.A. right away so as not to lose any rights that you may be afforded by the IRS. As a former IRS Tax Attorney, Ross Greenberg has years of experience representing the people of South Florida in front of the IRS. Liens and levies can be extremely damaging to someone’s financial situation. Getting help from a tax professional at Greenberg Law Group, P.A. gives you the most flexibility when it comes to your options. We can help solve your tax problems.