I contacted the Greenberg Law Group for a free consultation and was able to speak with Ross Greenberg, the attorney, immediately. I explained my situation that the IRS was threatening to seize my assets and had placed a lien on all property that I owned. Ross Greenberg was able to get me into an installment plan and get the IRS to release the lien. The Greenberg Law Group was very responsive and I would highly recommend them to anybody that has any IRS issue.

Michael P,

I had an outstanding IRS debt for payroll taxes and the IRS levied all of my accounts receivables. We contacted Greenberg Law Group and they got the levy lifted immediately. They also set an appointment with the Revenue Officer working the case and worked out a payment plan that allowed me to stay in business. Greenberg Law Group saved my business.

Michael D,

I had an IRS levy on my bank account and all my assets were frozen. I contacted Greenberg Law Group and they were able to get the levy lifted. In addition they were able to work out a payment plan with the IRS. They were quick and someone always returned my call when I had questions.

Natalie G,